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In the Fall of 2014, Texoma Exploration Group acquired industry leading 32 bit A/D wireless ISeis Sigma units to serve as our foundational backbone for current 2D & 3D acquisition operations. The flexibility of Sigma along with high production shooting via our XLR8 Accelerated Weight Drop mounted on an IHI-45 track unit, allows for an economically driven solution for the independent oil and gas producers.  The IHI-45 track unit allows TEG to hammer hard to reach source points without unnecessary clear-cutting of land, keeping surface damages low.  To further increase field production and lower overall acquistion costs, TEG invested in 10 Hz GS-One vertical geophones, which provide near equal sensitivities to 6x1 groupings.  





Unlike typical acquisition companies, Texoma Exploration Group employs several engineers and geophysicists that have the capability to process the acquired seismic reflection data.  TEG currently uses a seismic reflection processing package from Globe Claritas, which can handle both marine and land in 2D or 3D collection modes.  In-house data processing allows TEG to provide seismic services at extremely competitive rates.  Equally important, it provides a invaluable feed back loop for field acquisition and processing quality control. 


For deeper surveys, Texoma Exploration utilizes a LSR-315 vibroseis mounted on a 6x6 International Paystar.  The unit has a peak force of approximately 47,000 lbs and can employ sweeps ranging from 5hz to 120hz.  A combination of the accelerated weight drop and vibroseis can be used on the same survey to locate deeper targets while maintaining a low environmental impact.

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