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Geo-electrical imaging is considered one of the most robust, but flexible in design and deployment, geophysical mapping methods for subsurface imaging in the upper 500 feet.  Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) imaging takes advantage of the wide ranging electrical resistivity characteristics inherent with subsurface geology.  Induced Polarization (IP) is considered a supplemental measurement that enhances ERT interpretation and provide direct detection of shallow groudwater in certain conditions.  Texoma Exploration Group uses the Syscal Pro Meter, one of the most powerful and efficient resistivity meters built to date.


Seismoelectric (SE) sounding technique detects electrical signals generated by the passage of seismic waves through water bearing rocks and soils.  The potential quantity of the aquifer is estimated by semi-empirical relationships between signal bandwidth and amplitude and aquifer permeability.  Coupled with ERT, SE provides a powerful hydrogeological tool to prevent dry holes and maximize production value of a given aquifer.    


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